The Best Of New Zealand's World Championship Pro Wrestling

Incredibly rare wrestling footage from the land down under. Great quality wrestling footage from Jim Barnett's promotion with many classic stars, including two NWA World Title matches with defenses by Harley Race & Ric Flair.

2 Hours For Only $15.00!

Look at this line up...

Episode #1 YMCA - Auckland

Ric Flair & JJ Dillon interview regarding New Zealand.

NWA World Champion Ric Flair vs. David Jones.  (Footage on loan from Georgia)

Mrs. Maivia interview.

Man Mountain Link vs. Tommy Cheung & Jo Jo Andrews in a "Handicap Match."

Lars Anderson interview with The Mongolians.  (A very young Barry Darsow is one of the Mongols)

Roy Starr vs. Lars Anderson.

Sue Green / Peggy Patterson interview.

Steve Rickard interview.

Episode #2 YMCA - Auckland

Ric Flair interview.

The Mongolians vs. Farmer Boy Ipo & Roy Starr.

Mark Lewin interview.

Lars Anderson vs. Mark Lewin.

Man Mountain Link / Lewin interviews.

Episode #3

Jock Ruddock vs. Sivi Afi.

NWA World Champion Harley Race vs. Sivi Afi.

Sivi Afi interview.

NWA World Champion Ric Flair vs. Mark Lewin in a "Best Of Three Falls Match."  (Lewing seemingly wins the belt)

Episode #4

Peggy Patterson vs. Sue Green.

Mark Lewin interview.  (His thoughts regarding the previous Flair match)

Ricky Rickard, Mark Lewin & Man Mountain Link vs. Butcher Branigan, Joe LeDuc & Bob Miller.

Roy Starr vs. Lars Anderson.

The Mongolians weightlifting challenge.

Sivi Afi vs. John Da Silva.

Sivi Afi & Jack Claybourne vs. The Von Steigers.

Episode #5

Lars Anderson vs. Tommy Cheung.

Zar vs. Roy Starr.  (Barry Darsow is Zar)

Coconut Willie vs. Little Tokyo.

Link / Anderson confrontation.