The Best Of The UWF: The Mid-South Collection Volume #8

This video features one of the greatest old territories from the 1980's. The Bill Watts' owned UWF, also known as Mid-South Wrestling, was a dynamic area that featured virtually every major superstar of the day. Also, you will see a young but talented announcer Jim Ross calling the action. Here you will see an eighth in a series dedicated to one of the top wrestling promotions of the 1980's that takes place from late 1986 to early 1987, at a time when it merged with Jim Crockett's owned NWA.

4 Hours Minutes For Only $20.00!

Look at this line up...

Sting & Rick Steiner vs. Joe Savoldi & The Missing Link. (Eddie & Missy paint Dark Journey yellow!)

The One Man Gang vs. Jim Duggan in a "Steel Cage Match."

The Freebirds vs. Terry Taylor & Ted DiBiase in a "Country Whipping Match."

The Fantastics vs. The Freebirds. (This match ends quickly when The Angel of Death comes in)

The Fantastics & The Missing Link vs. Sting, Rick Steiner & Eddie Gilbert. (The losing valet must be painted yellow!)

Blinded Eddie Gilbert interview.

Rick Steiner vs. Ken Massey.

Hot Stuff International attacks The Missing Link.

Cowboy Bill Watts interview announcing a huge "Bunkhouse Brawl."

Terry Taylor & Jim Duggan vs. Sting & Rick Steiner.

Steve Williams vs. Terry Gordy.

Missy Hyatt vs. Dark Journey (Poor injured Missy can't wrestle due to her throbbing "thumb-thumb")

Ted DiBiase interview.

Ted DiBiase vs. The One Man Gang

Terry Gordy attacks The Fantastics.

Terry Gordy interview.

The Freebirds vs. Steve Williams & Ted DiBiase in a "Badstreet Match."

Buddy Roberts vs. The Missing Link. (The Freebirds interfere)

Chris Adams released from jail.

The Angel Of Death vs. The Ninja. (The Angel turns on Michael Hayes)

Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts vs. Angel Of Death & Wild Bill Irwin.

The Freebirds face turn against Devestation, Inc.


Iceman King Parsons & Sting vs. Chris Adams (Terry Taylor is late for the match)

UWF Champion One Man Gang vs. Eddie Gilbert. (Eddie weasels out of the match due to a bruise on his arm)

Sunshine interview. (Missy Hyatt KOs Baby Doll with her Gucci bag)

Chris Adams interview. (The Gentlman is attacked by Steiner & Sting during a PSA on drinking)

Chris Adams vs. Terry Taylor.

Chris Adams vs. Terry Taylor. (This is a top 10 contenders bout, Taylor turns heel on Adams)

Eddie Gilbert vs. Steve Williams. (Murdoch breaks Williams arm)

The Lightning Express vs. Sting & Rick Steiner.

Recap of Taylor's heel turn.

Dick Murdoch & Eddie Gilbert interview.

Sting vs. Terry Taylor with Eddie Gilbert as the referee. (Sting turns face and fires Gilbert)

Chris Adams & Sting interview.

Promo with Eddie Gilbert & Terry Taylor who joins "Hot Stuff, International"

Dick Murdoch, Eddie Gilbert & Big Bubba Rogers brawl with Steve Williams & Dusty Rhodes.

Buzz Sawyer vs. Jim Duggan brawl.

The Missing Link & Iceman King Parsons vs. Jack Victory & Ken Massey.

Ted DiBiase vs. The One Man Gang.  (Ted DiBiase pulls off a quick upset in a non-title match)

UWF Champion The One Man Gang vs. Bobby Perez.

Savannah Jack interview.

Hot Stuff & Hyatt, International interview.

Terry Gordy & Jim Ross interview.  (Look at Jim Ross' face when 'Bamm Bamm' tries to explain why The Freebirds have Sunshine as their new valet)

UWF Tag Team Champions Jim Duggan & Terry Taylor vs. Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts.  (Before the match can being, General Skandor Akbar leads The Devestation, Inc. charge on the champions, therefore the match never happens)

The Fabulous Freebirds & Ken Mantell interview.

Sting & Rick Steiner vs. Gary Young & Jeff Raitz.

The Fabulous Freebirds attack Savannah Jack.

Ted DiBiase interview.

General Skandor Akbar & The One Man Gang interview.

Eddie Gilbert interview.

Missy Hyatt vs. Dark Journey.  (The match is won on a forfeit; Get a load of Missy Hyatt's broken thumb, its even carried to the ring on a pillow!)

Eddie Gilbert interview.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Art Crews.

Eli The Eliminator vs. Jeff Gaylord.

General Skandor Akbar interview.

Video clips of The Fabulous Freebirds woes with the championship titles.

UWF TV Champion Savannah Jack vs. Ken Massey.

Video recap of The One Man Gang & Ted DiBiase feud.

Ted DiBiase vs. Mike George.  (The One Man Gang attempts to attack Ted DiBiase again)

The Fabulous Freebirds, Sunshine & The Angel Of Death interview.

Terry Taylor vs. Ken Massey.

Eddie Gilbert interview.

Sting & Rick Steiner vs. Jeff Gaylord & Jeff Raitz.

Ted DiBiase interview.

Iceman King Parsons vs. Art Crews.

UWF Tag Team Champions Wild Bill Irwin & Bad Leroy Brown vs. Jim Duggan & Terry Taylor.  (Very rare title change)

General Skandor Akbar interview.

UWF Champion The One Man Gang vs. Gary Young.

Clips of the warfare between The Fabulous Freebirds/Sunshine & The Missing Link/Dark Journey.

The Missing Link vs. Jack Victory.

The Fabulous Freebirds vs. The Fantastcs & Steve Williams.

Iceman King Parsons vs. Ken Massey.

The Angel Of Death vs. Johnny West.

Hot Stuff & Hyatt, International interview.

UWF TV Champion Savannah Jack vs. Jack Victory.

The UWF Tag Team Titles are declared vacant.  (The titles were declared vacant when Jim Duggan left for the WWF)

The Fantastcs vs. Eddie Gilbert & Sting.

The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Steve Williams & Ted DiBiase in a "Badstreet Rules Match."  (All of The Freebirds & The Angel Of Death beat the devil out of the babyfaces)

Devestation, Inc. interview.

Terry Taylor vs. Art Crews.

Iceman King Parsons & Chavo Guerrero vs. Art Crews & Mike George.

Terry Taylor vs. Gary Young.

Steve Williams interview.

Terry Gordy interview.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Eli The Eliminator.  (Ted DiBiase attacks Wild Bill Irwin on the outside)

Devestation, Inc. interview.

UWF Champion The One Man Gang vs. Johnny West.

The Super Ninja vs. Jeff Raitz.

Sting vs. Bobby Walker.

Steve Williams vs. Terry Gordy.

UWF Tag Team Champions Chris Adams & Terry Taylor vs. Ted DiBiase & Sam Houston.

Iceman King Parsons interview.  (My goodness, this guy was magic on the microphone, HAVE MERCY!)

Iceman King Parsons vs. Ken Massey.

The Fabulous Freebirds & Sunshine interview.

UWF TV Champion Savannah Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert.  (Very rare title change; The Iceman cometh!)

The Super Ninja vs. Steve Cox.

The Missing Link & Chavo Guerrero vs. The Red Shadow & Mike Boyette.  (Since Dark Journey was injured at the hands of Missy Hyatt, The Missing Link has "Nickla" aka Baby Doll in his corner)

Wild Bill Irwin & The Viking vs. Jeff Raitz & Bobby Perez.

Devestation, Inc. interview.